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May 1, 2013

How to Get Your Preferred Job in oDesk: Free Tips

Freelancing is being populated day by day. Now this is a great platform to earn money from home. This is suitable for not only the housewives but also for students. Though it is convenient to work from home ladies have turned to online freelancing sites like oDESK. But this is not easy to get your preferred job in oDESK within short time. Among all the freelancing sites oDESK is most popular due to its user friendly operating process. Here I will try to describe you how you can get a preferred job easily. 


Fix Your Target:

Before starting you have to choose a sector in which you want to work. For example, if you are good at web design, you can target related job market. There are huge options, select any one or two from here which match best with your skill. You have to pick a niche and then develop your skills and profile according to it. Target should be specific to build a profile.

Create an Exclusive Profile:

Create an exclusive profile for oDESK which best reflects your skills at a glance. Your profile is one of the most important things that will ensure your preferred job in oDesk. Make sure your profile completeness is equal or more than 90% before you start to apply for jobs. Attach your portfolio samples for every service you offer.

Take oDesk Skill Tests:

This is very important for the newbie. You have to take oDesk skill tests in order to show off your skills to your future employers. Tests on oDesk are free and extremely helpful for getting jobs. First take “oDesk Readiness Test” and then take as many tests as you like. If you pass the tests the results will be displayed on your profile which will add value to your profile in the employers’ mind. Take a oDESK skill test related to your target sector. 

Apply to Jobs Cautiously:

After finishing those above three steps, it’s time to look for suitable jobs. There are thousands of job on oDesk waiting to you, but you have to choose and apply to jobs cautiously. Apply to those jobs which you are able to complete with 100% client satisfaction. You also need to avoid employers who look suspicious in their job offering. There are many scammers on oDesk. So be careful. Avoid the employers those have “Payment method not verified” written on their status.

Write a Stunning Cover Letter:

Cover letter presents your first expression to employers. So, write your cover letter intelligently. Every single line in your oDesk cover letter should be written in a way, which will provide the employer an incentive to hire you. Never use copied cover letter to apply in any job. Make sure your cover letter is on the topic and detailed enough. Please don’t violet oDESK cover letter policy. Pay deep attention on it during applying to job. 

Choose a Reasonable Rate:

Offer the most reasonable price for your services. Don’t be the cheapest bidder. It may cause turn your clients to other contractor. Good clients usually avoid lowest bidder for their project. So this is important to choose a reasonable rate in your profile. 

Face Interview Brightly:

Don’t be nervous about the interview. Face it brightly. In many cases clients may request you to add them in Skype for conversation. This is important for you to create a Skype ID. Ask the employer when you can start the job and show him what you plan to do for him in details. This will help you to get your preferred job easily. 

Don’t Be Hopeless:

It may happen that you don’t get any job within a month. But don’t be hopeless. You have to be patient about it. Try always for the right jobs and I’m sure that you will score your first job very soon.

Happy Freelancing!!!

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