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April 21, 2013

Free 10 Blog Commenting Tips to Make Your Comments Approve

Blog commenting is one of the best traffic generation way for any web site. But comments should be more realistic for this. Blog commenting is an excellent source of inbound links, can drive relevant traffic to your site, help build your social network and more! Reading and commenting on blogs is also a great way to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends. When you are making a comment on a post, remember that commenting is not just for one way link building; but also intended to connect, build more traffic to your site and network. If your comments can attract the attention of other readers, then they can bring you immense benefits. The following tips can help you getting comments approve.


1. Read the Post Carefully

First READ then WRITE. You should be a good reader in order to be good writer. Many people don’t read the post carefully before making a comment. They are too eager to leave the comment first and fail to understand the meaning the post. Remember, blog commenting is about trying to build your brand and authority, so leaving a comment that completely misses the whole point of the post is actually going to spoil your authority. Always you should read the article carefully to grab it’s meaning completely; then you will be able to make a quality comment. 

2. Make Long Comments

Long comments can help in getting comments approve. It will be helpful in catching the attention of both the readers and bloggers alike because this helps you to expressing your views and ideas more clearly. But make sure that your long comment is not pointless. Always use relevant word. 

3. Use a Real Name

Always use the blogger’s name when commenting. First of all, it shows respect and attention to details. Secondly, it might be the very thing that will help your comment to emerge from the spam folder should it end up there. Even if your comment is good, some blog owners won’t let the comment go through if it is under a company name because it seems spammy and they don’t want any advertisements on their blog.

4. Format your Comments

This is your golden opportunity to stand out and make someone read your very insightful and thought-provoking comment. Formatting your comments includes things like making some sentence bold or italic, using quotes, making lists, etc. Formatting your comments will make your comments look attractive to the eyes of the reader. Please don’t use HTML comments in your comments as some blog filters can send your comments straight to the spam folder.

5. Reply to the First Commenter

This one is great for posts with too many comments to count.
Simply reply to the first commenter and your comment will be just as visible to the readers as the first one. Make sure to make a good point though! Replying to the first comment can also start a thread of comments. This strategy will work absolutely well where there are too many comments to count.

6. Choose To Be Notified Of Replies

This tactic is mostly similar to the previous one. Most of the comment systems in blogs will have a check mark so that you can request to be notified regarding the follow-up comments. Checking this mark will keep you update with all the follow-up comments on a particular post. This will keep you engaged with the host blogger as well as get in touch with some other readers of the blog.

7. Ping your Comments

Pinging is a mechanism to notify your server that the content in your blog has been updated. The servers will then notify other pinging services regarding the update which will in turn make search engine bots to check and consider the new content in your blog. If the search engine bots can check the new content on your blog, they can then discover your link quickly and attribute it to your site. You can ping your blog posts through online services like,,, etc. 

8. Link To Internal Pages And Social Profiles

Most of the time, blog comments will be used to create more links to the homepage of your site; don't limit yourself to just one page! You should also link to high-level internal pages, as well as your social networking profiles. Blogs are inherently social in nature, and linking to your social profiles is a great way to help grow your social network and find new fans/followers.

9. Don't Drop Links In The Comment

Unless you are linking to an outside source to help back up your stance, avoid dropping links in the comment field, especially ones to your own site. This looks and reads spammy to the blog owner and chances are they will blacklist you from their blog. A blog comment is not an advertising platform for your brand!

10. Make Comments in Related Blogs

When you are an SEO professional try to comments on blogs about social media, content marketing, online advertising and many more. All of these related industries are things your target audience is reading about online. As long as its a relevant and related blog (and you feel comfortable joining the conversation), don't be afraid to leave a comment!


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  1. Mahadi Hasan, SEO tips are perfect. Yesx I agree that answering the commenter has big advantages like engaging visitors and much more information