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March 18, 2013

Quality Backlinks: How To Get 500+ Page Views From A Single Account In A Day

Traffic is a vital subject for every blog or website. New bloggers are tensed always about this issue. Don’t be upset. Here I will share a fantastic process which will help you to build huge quality traffic from a single account. You didn’t need to misuse your valuable time. Just follow these instructions to get 500+ page views daily. 

  1. Go to Linkcollider. After finishing signup process you will get 3000 bonus coin here. Then you will get 1000 coin daily.  
  2. Click on Start Collecting Tokens. You can follow or tweet to earn coin. You can earn almost 10000 coins only in 10-25 minutes.
  3. Click POST A WEBSITE FOR FREE to attach your site here.
  4. If you want traffic to your site then click CLASSIc POST & follow instructions. You can also increase Twitter Follower & Pinterest Follower.
  5. Turn on REAL TIME in Google Analytic. You will see a huge no. of visitors of your site.
  6. You are done!!!

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