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March 1, 2013

Blog Traffic- 10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic.

This is a major concern issue for your blog to get more traffic. You may arise question that how it is possible? Yes it is possible, but you must have to pay little bit attention for this. I will try here to discuss about some major point that definitely will help you to get traffic to your blog. These points may be as bellow:

1. Sign up for Blog community sites:

Platform that helps you to create Blog freely is generally known as Blogging Platform. There are many platforms for blogging such as,,, etc. Blogger & Wordpress is more popular among all blogger platforms. Look for other blogs in your niche and join their networks and ask to become their community member. Networking with some of your fellow bloggers here will send a few visitors and it is a good way to get started.

2. Blog Commenting:

This is absolutely the best way to get traffic in favor of your blog. In almost every Blog there is an option to make a comment. For submitting a comment makes sure that that your comment is a quality comment. Because only quality comment will help you to make a strong backlink for your blog. Try to make attentive comment in relevant Blog. There are some blog commenting sites here you may need-,,, etc. Join in the discussions, Question the original post, or add some extra information to make quality backlinks. 

3. Forum Commenting:

Leaving relevant comments on other people’s blogs with a link back to your site is a great way to get traffic. Involved you in forums related to your topic and having a link to your blog in the signature line can send a few visitors. This will increase your blog/website traffic. In case of Forum Commenting good profile is very important. So that, they don’t count you as a spammer. Whenever you post something in a thread, make sure that it makes sense. You will find a huge site for forum posting like these-,,,

4. Submitting Your Blog to Directories:

Web Traffic
Before directory submission you have to find out the relevant directory. You can find huge directory submission website, but always submit your directory in relevant directories for strong backlink.  You may not get a lot of traffic from them, but ultimately they will help you to get more traffic from the search engines. You can choose any from this bellow:

5. Article Submission:

Submit articles to article submission sites. If your article is unique and ensure good quality then you can submit this for strong backlink. There are huge article submission sites which may be helpful for. These are:,, etc.

6. Article Marketing:

Quality articles are always popular by search engines & internet marketers. So, article marketing is a popular method when it comes to blogs. It makes sense really, as you are creating some excellent content for your blog and you can then use these blog posts as a basis to create quality articles.

7. Submit to Blogcarnivals:

This will help you to generate traffic. Sign up for blogcarnivals. Here you can submit articles that you wrote on your blog to be included in a list of articles by the hosting blog. If you have a good article with a good title, you can get some good traffic from blogcarnivals.

8. Guest Posting:

I think this is one of the best ways to start getting some quality backlinks & quick traffic of your blog. Almost every blog I know allows guest posts & almost every one of those does not discriminate. Bloggers will accept or reject a guest post based on its quality. So try to submit good quality post for better backlink. Don’t submit your published article as a guest post.

9. Social Bookmarking:

This is purely artificial. Create account in different social bookmarking site and bookmark your site easily for making traffic source. For example, you can use which will link you to some important bookmarking site for social bookmarking.

On the other hand Social Networking provides a great value in case of SEO & SMM. Links from these sites (like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and others) are extremely powerful if your profile pages can gain the trust of search engines.

10. Submitting RSS Feeds: 

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. When a person subscribes to your RSS feed the content comes to the reader, rather than the reader having to go to the content. Submitting your RSS feeds to a variety of places will help the search rankings.

Traffic is the soul of a blog/website. So make sure that you have done SEO properly to get huge traffic to your blog.


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