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March 26, 2013


Blogger post title optimization helps you to get better search engine results. This post will help you to optimize your blogspot blogs post title for better SEO results. Default titles of Blogger Post pages are of the form Blog Title + Post Title. The search results use these titles. So it is always better to keep your title more related to your post content.
Here is a hack that will change the title to the following attractive format Post Title + Blog Title. This trick will help you to optimise the blog title for Search Engines like Google, yahoo, Bing and others. Using this Hack i assure you that there will be an increase in your blog visitors definitely.

Process of Blogspot blog Title Optimization:  

  • Login to your blogger account
  • From your Dashboard go to Templates from More Options
  • Now choose Edit Html
  • You will see your template code there.
  • In that template code find this one line code.
  • Now replace it with the following code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/></title>
  • Now click Save Template.
  • You are done!!! After saving the template take a look at your blog post pages. Now the individual pages will have Optimized post title itself.  
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March 23, 2013

How to Add Your Blog to Google Search Engine for Better Traffic

Among all the search engine google is the best in all aspects. It’s user & number of indexed page is higher than the others. If you submit your blog to google search engine it will be helpful for your blog to generate more traffic. Here I will informed you about the very simple process of adding your blog to google search engine. Steps are as Bellow:

1.      Open Google Search Page & Type "google blog submission" then press enter.


2.      You will see the result shown in above picture. Click in this link of the image.


  1. You will see the result like the above image. Put your blog URL in Your blog's address box & Click the Submit Blog Button. After that you will get a message "Thanks for sharing your Blog".
  2. You are Done!!! 

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Through Google Webmaster Tools

Submitting sitemap to Google is the best way to increase your traffic. It means to send request to search engine for the indexation of your blog's all posts and pages in search engine. Google is the most popular search engine and number of WebPages indexed by Google is uncountable. To make Google find, index and rank your site you need to submit your sitemap of your site to Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster is a good SEO tool you may know. You could also keep track of your sites statistics with the help of Google Webmaster Tools. As a new blogger you may not know how to submit your blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Here I am trying to show how you can submit your Blogger blog to the giant search Engine – Google through Google Webmaster Tools.

Steps are as Bellow:

  1. Sign in to Webmaster Tools with your Gmail id and password.

Google webmaster tools
Google Webmaster Tools
  1. Click on any of your blog which's sitemap you want to submit.
  2. Click 'Optimization' and then go to 'Sitemaps'.
  3. Click on "Add/Test Sitemap".
    Add sitemap
  4. Use as your blogger sitemap; where red section is the name of your blog.
  5. Copy and paste the blue section of your sitemap in the space provided.
  6. Click on Submit Sitemap and refresh the page. You are done!!!
Sitemap of your Blog is submitted to google through google webmaster tools. Your webpages are now submitted and waiting to be indexed.

March 22, 2013

12 Best Keyword Research Tools For Better SEO

Keyword research helps you to complete a better SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can get better ideas about your topics or niche through keyword research. SO, keyword research is the first step of selecting a post title. Keyword research tools help webmasters a lot in optimizing their website for search engines. . Here I will share 10 best keyword research tools with you. You can use these to find best keywords for your website pages and blog posts. Here is the list for you. 

1. Google Adwords Tool

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is the most famous and most common keyword research tool, used by all webmasters. It suggests the most accurate trend for a particular keyword.  Now you can signup to Google Adwards Tool.

2. SEMRush

The tool is free and suggests you the most searched keywords for your queries in a convenient way & related keywords also. SEMRush allows you to search the keywords without signing-up at the website.

3. Spyfu

Spyfu is yet another handy and free keyword research tool. It allows you to check for the keywords by two methods.
  • You can check the keywords of a competitor's website by entering its URL
  • Keywords can also be checked by the traditional method

4. Woorank Website Review Tool

Woorank analyze websites systematically. It looks over the keywords, websites backlinks and many other factors which are essential in search engine optimization.

5. KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy suggests the keywords based on data facts from AdWords, Bing and Yahoo. This is a multipurpose keyword research tool which is free & suggests you the keywords and at the same time, it also allows you to check the competitors' websites for particular keywords.

6. WordStream Keyword Tool

This is a free keyword research tool for SEO. WordStream Keyword Tool shows information on search volume, frequency and competition for particular keywords.

7. Wordtracker

Wordtracker is another keyword research tool. It can help you compile associated keywords.  A more robust, paid version is also available.

8. Google Trends

Google Trends is a very versatile tool which tells you about the user trends for particular topics and keywords over past day, week and month. The suggestions are based on the recent searches. So you can get nice idea from here. 

9. KeywordDiscovery

KeywordDiscovery is a keyword research tool which suggest you more than 100 related keywords for your query. It tells you about a keyword that for how many times, the particular keyword is searched over the previous twelve months. It gets its data from more than 100 search engines. 

10. SEO Quake

SEOQuake is a free add-on for Firefox which allows you to analyze the website of a selected competitor for the keywords. Simply install this in your browser & analyze the keywords.

11. Soovle

Soovle is an awesome keyword research tool which suggests you the keywords by analyzing all most popular search engines. You can try this. 


Spacky is a keyword research tool. It generates a monthly search volume for a given keyword.

This is all about best keyword research tool. I think this collection of tools will help you in your SEO. Select any tools from this list and carry on your keyword research very effectively. 

March 18, 2013

Quality Backlinks: How To Get 500+ Page Views From A Single Account In A Day

Traffic is a vital subject for every blog or website. New bloggers are tensed always about this issue. Don’t be upset. Here I will share a fantastic process which will help you to build huge quality traffic from a single account. You didn’t need to misuse your valuable time. Just follow these instructions to get 500+ page views daily. 

  1. Go to Linkcollider. After finishing signup process you will get 3000 bonus coin here. Then you will get 1000 coin daily.  
  2. Click on Start Collecting Tokens. You can follow or tweet to earn coin. You can earn almost 10000 coins only in 10-25 minutes.
  3. Click POST A WEBSITE FOR FREE to attach your site here.
  4. If you want traffic to your site then click CLASSIc POST & follow instructions. You can also increase Twitter Follower & Pinterest Follower.
  5. Turn on REAL TIME in Google Analytic. You will see a huge no. of visitors of your site.
  6. You are done!!!

How To Delete Blog In New Blogger Interface

Delete Blog In New Blogger Interface:

Sometimes you may need to delete your blog from blogger platforms. You may think that deletion of blog is a difficult thing. But this is not right. Deletion of blog was quite simple in New Blogger Interface. Simply follow the below rules I mentioned here for you. This is very simple.

  1. Login to blogger with Email ID and Password. Then Choose your blog from the list(If you own two  or more blog in one account).
  2. Now go to 'Settings', after Click on 'Other' ion left sidebar.
  3. Now Click on 'Delete blog' on Top .
  4. Then new warning box will appear, If you need Backup of your blog, you can download from here itself .Then Click on 'Delete blog' Button. 
  5. Now your Blog get deleted.

Note: Deleted bog can restore within 90 days before they removed forever.

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How To Install a New Blogger Template Easily on Your Blogspot Blog

Blogger Templates play a great role to make your blog lucrative & SEO friendly. But you have to know the process of blogger templates installation. Every new blogger use the default blogger templates because they don’t know how to upload or install the other blogger template in their blog. Just follow the simple steps I mentioned here to install a new blogger template to your blog.

How To Upload / Install a Blogger Template.

  1. Download your new blogger template from any free blogger template provider website to your computer. The template is contained in a zip file; you have to extract the XML template from zip.
  2. Login to your Blogger Account. 
  3. Now click on your blog name. 
  4. Click on "Template" From The Blogger Menu
  5. Now just click on backup / restore button and one box will pop up.
  6. Now browse your XML Template file and click on upload and you have done.  
blogger templates settings
Fig: 01

blogger templates settings
Fig: 02

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