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February 22, 2013

Key Features for Page Optimization in SEO

Page optimization is an important matter of SEO. Both On-Page & Off-Page optimization is essential for this. So, you have to get a core idea about the features of page optimization. Here I mainly point out the features of page optimization which may be helpful for you to optimize page professionally.

Key Features of On-Page Optimization:

  1. Meta Tag: Meta Tag is important for SEO. This is not used for Google page ranking but it increases the weight of your keywords and it also determines what your site is about.

  2. H1-H6 Tag: This Header Tag optimization is another important part of SEO. For this you need to have knowledge about HTML tag optimization.

  3. Image Alt tag: The alt text that comes with your images is vital when people are looking for images about your niche. It also boosts your site’s traffic. So don’t underestimate the images of your site.

  4. Permalink for URL Structure: Structure of permalink is an important matter for page optimization. Short links are not helpful for you to increase your traffic. But if you’re serious about your SEO, it’s better to have a domain name that is related to your keywords, content and Meta tag.

  5. Name of Page: Good Keywords make your site specific to the search engines. Select your page name using good keyword.

  6. content writing

    SEO friendly contents: “Content is King” remember this in case of on-page and off-page optimization. Content should be SEO friendly. Content has to be reliable with your site’s keywords.

  7. Xml Sitemap: Sitemap generation and submission in different search engine is most important for SEO. From this site ( one can easily generate sitemap for his site. But after this you have to submit this sitemap in different search engine. You can use Google Webmaster Tools for submitting your site in Google search engine.  

Key Features of Off-Page Optimization:

  1. Blog Commenting: In almost every Blog there is an option to make a comment. For submitting a comment makes sure that that your comment is a quality comment. Because quality comment will help you to make a strong backlink. Try to make comment in relevant Blog.

  2. Social Bookmarking: This is purely artificial. Create account in different social bookmarking site and bookmark your site easily. For example, you can use which will link you to some important bookmarking site for social bookmarking. 

  3. Directory Submission: Before directory submission you have to find out the relevant directory. You can find huge directory submission website, but always submit your directory in relevant directories for strong backlink.

  4. Forum Posting: In case of Forum posting Good Profile is very important. So that they don’t count you as a spammer. Whenever you post something in a thread, make sure that it makes sense.

  5. Social Network

    Social Networking: It provides a great value in case of SEO & SMM. Links from these sites (like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and others) are extremely powerful if your profile pages can gain the trust of search engines.

  6. Article Submission: If your article is unique and ensure quality then you can submit this for strong backlink. There are huge article submission sites which may be helpful for. These are:, etc.

These features are key features for SEO. You must have to gather knowledge about each point/feature deeply. If you capture perfectly all these key features then SEO will be easier for you.


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