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February 17, 2013

Forum Signature, Directory Submission & Social Bookmarking.

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How to Edit Signature & Create Forum Profile

Forum profile enhances your website Search Engine Optimization performance. It is the part of White Hat SEO method. If you want to Forum Posting then you must create forum profile with editing signature in different forum posting website. For this, you have to register in a forum website then create a forum profile with signature. You can edit your forum profile signature following these guidelines.
  • Go to your forum profile user cpanel.
  • Find the edit signature button.
  • Click the edit signature button and put BB code or HTML code for editing signature in your profile.
  • BB Code: [url=] Your signature text here[/url]
  • HTML Code: <a hrief=“”> Your signature text here</a>
  • Click Update Signature button.

How to Complete Directory Submission in Different Website

Directory submission is the primary method of White Hat Search Engine Optimization for Link building. Directory is very easy way for submitting a website in different third party website. There are some ways for directory submission. These are “Featured Listing, Paid Listing, Reciprocal Listing, and Free Regular Listing etc”. When you submit your website in directory website then this submission goes under review in the website admin panel. You need to confirmation mail also. After reviewing your website by website admin then they publish your website. You can submit your website following this step:
  • Select exact website category.
  • Find Add URL/Submit your site button.
  • Choose your payment options.
  • Fill up your form.
  • Submit.

How To Submit Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is another important White Hat SEO Back Linking method. You can submit your website in high page rank social bookmarking third party website. If you want to submit your website in social bookmarking website then you have to maintain these following steps carefully.
  • Register or signup of social bookmarking website.
  • Must active your email confirmation link.
  • Login this website and find the button name “Submit A New Story”.
  • Click the button Submit A New Story.
  • Then your first step is providing your website link such as “”.
  • Click continue button and you get a form.
  • Fill up the form and click “Submit or Preview” button.
  • Finally Click the confirm button.

How to Comment in a Blog Website

Blog Comment is another most important way for White Hat Search Engine Optimization Link Building or Back Linking. You can comment in different blog website that is most related to your website keyword and category. So firstly you have to search in Google with your keyword then you can find your keyword related blog website. This is very simple to comment in a blog website. Just follow this instruction:
  • Author Name.
  • Email Address.
  • Website Address.
  • Sometimes you need to register for placing your comment.
  • Submit.

How To Post Forum In Forum Website

Forum Posting is the strong link building process in Search Engine Optimization. You can post a forum with 3 or 4 anchor text with your main description following your website content. For posting a forum you must have forum profile. There are main three ways for posting a forum in forum website.
  1. Posting New Thread.
  2. Comment or Replying of existing thread.
  3. Personal Message Forum Posting.

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